Terms and Conditions of Hyderspark Hotel in kodaikanal.

    1. Non-married couples are prohibited, pets not allowed.
    2. “Guest is responsible for any damages or missing and will be charged at replacements prices.”
    3. The guest not allowed to take things from outside.
    4. Extra person will be charged Rs 800 and NO charge for below 8 years of age occupying the same room without an extra bed.
      1. Bookings are confirmed on paying 100% of the total cost of Accommodation.
      2. Cancellation/changes of dates allowed based on room availability and refund policy.
  3. REFUND:
    1.Two Days before Arrival date: NO REFUND. 3 days and beyond: 75% Refund on the deposit amount.
    2.we look forward for your wonderful stay in our Hyderspark Hotel in Thanjavur.
  4. Booking and Reservation
    • Procedures for making bookings and reservations.
    • Eligibility criteria for making bookings (age restrictions, payment methods, etc.).
    • Confirmation process for bookings and issuance of booking references.
  5. Payment
    • Payment methods accepted for bookings.
    • Currency and pricing details.
    • Payment terms, including prepayment, deposits, or payment upon arrival.
    • Additional charges (taxes, service fees, etc.).
  6. Check-In and Check-Out
    • Check-in and check-out times.
    • Policies for early check-in or late check-out, if available.
  7. Guest Responsibilities
    • Guests’ responsibilities during their stay (adherence to hotel rules, care of property, etc.).
    • Limitations on the number of occupants per room.
    • Policies regarding minors and supervision.
  8. Property Policies
    • Rules and regulations within the hotel premises (smoking policy, noise restrictions, etc.).
    • Use of hotel facilities and amenities.
  9. Liability
    • Limitation of liability for the hotel in case of property damage, loss, or injuries to guests.
    • Disclaimer for items lost or stolen on the premises.
  10. Privacy and Data Use
    • Reference to the privacy policy regarding the collection, use, and protection of user data.
    • Consent for the use of personal data as outlined in the privacy policy.
  11. Intellectual Property
    • Protection of intellectual property rights related to the website’s content, trademarks, etc.
    • Restrictions on the use or reproduction of the website’s materials.
  12. Termination and Cancellation
    • Conditions under which the hotel may terminate a booking or reservation.
    • Users’ rights to cancel bookings according to the cancellation policy.
  13. Dispute Resolution
    • Procedures for resolving disputes, such as arbitration or mediation.
  14. Changes to Terms and Conditions
    • Reservation of the right to update or modify the terms and conditions.
    • Notification process for users regarding changes to these terms.
  15. Governing Law
    • Specification of the governing law and jurisdiction in case of legal disputes.
  16. Contact Information
    • Contact details for users to reach out for questions, complaints, or requests related to the terms and conditions, in our Hyderspark Hotel in kodaikanal.